Supercharge Your Self-Esteem 

Strengthen Your Mind And Achieve Your Dreams

  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Does it seem like there's a constant battle going on in your head?
  • Do you spend too much time thinking 'but what if...' rather than taking action?
  • Do you feel as though you have so much more to give?  

So often we find that our mindset can hold us back from achieving our true potential!!

Perhaps you'd like to start a business

Perhaps you'd like to go for a promotion

Perhaps you'd like to feel healthier and happier

Perhaps you'd like to sleep better

Let's make a change

Supercharge Your Self-Esteem will give you the ability to allow your strengths to shine through. 

Building on your achievements, building your confidence, building your mindset - we will help you achieve and enjoy the true success that you deserve!

I am lucky enough to have worked with hundreds of clients to help them overcome issues of the mind which have held them back in life and now I can help you too.

This is an All-Encompassing Group. During the 12 week period we will:

  • Discover your strengths and inner resources.
  • Help you to manage unnecessary thought patterns.
  • Switch your perspective to focus on your abilities.
  • Learn how to nourish your mind for long term happiness.
  • Utilise the power of your subconscious mind to help you become unstoppable in your life and career.

What's Included:

  • 3 x 1 to 1 Therapy Calls with Sharon.
  • 7 x Group Mindset Calls with Live Hypnosis.
  • 2 x Guest Speaker Calls focusing on specific topics including mindfulness.
  • 1 x Supercharge Your Self Esteem Booklet containing all relevant information and activities.
  • Lifetime access to my Membership Group (worth £120 a year).
  • 3 x Hypnosis downloads to reflect the different stages of the program
  • Private Facebook Group Access for Program Attendees
  • *BONUS MODULE: Nutrition and Anxiety - learn how the food you eat can affect the way you feel. And which foods can help you remain calm and confident.
  • Continued support following the 12 weeks will be via a Private Membership Group called The WorryKnots where I offer training, Q&A sessions, relaxation downloads and weekly mindset tasks.

Supercharge Your Self Esteem Schedule:

3 phase approach to giving you the mindset that you deserve. 


  • 30 minute initial consultation with Sharon via Zoom - we will also use this as a technical check to ensure you are all ready to participate in the group calls.
  • Welcome Pack - received by post

Phase 1 - Identify Your Mind

  • Tuesday 24th September - Understand your mind and find out what's in your stress bucket
  • Tuesday 1st October - Who Am I - Discover your core strengths and resources
  • Tuesday 8th October - Quieten that Inner Critic - Understand how to reduce overwhelm

Phase 2 - Open Your Mind

  • Tuesday 15th October - No More Living For The Weekend - Mindfulness - Guest Speaker
  • Tuesday 22nd October - Self Compassion - Choosing our Thoughts with Care
  • Tuesday 5th November - Chemistry Week - Benefit from our natural chemicals
  • Tuesday 12th November - Eat Well - Nutrition and Anxiety - Guest Speaker

Phase 3 - Strengthen Your Mind

  • Tuesday 19th November - Happiness Techniques - Creating sustainable Happiness
  • Tuesday 26th November - Grow Your Armour - Resilience
  • Tuesday 3rd December - The Big Belief Flip - Reframing 
  • Final 1:1 calls to take place Tuesday 10th to Thursday 12th December  

If you do miss any of the above dates then they will all be recorded and you will receive access to the live recording.  

You also have one extra 1:1 call available to use at any time during the program.  

After the 12 weeks you will be feeling strong, confident and empowered and with a clear direction of what you want.

How Much Does this Cost? Book Now to Secure Your Spot 

Special Price for September Intake 

(Usual Price £997)

Single Payment of £300 or 3 x Monthly Installments of £125 (Aug, Sept, Oct) 


(Recurring payments will be taken 30 days thereafter)


Sharon Thompson is the founder of Haworth Hypnotherapy. After leaving a long career in the pharmaceutical industry she trained to become a Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and in doing so, found a passion for helping people live their best life.

“I truly believe that we should all feel 10 out of 10 every day. This isn’t to imagine that life is constantly rosy, but it is a feeling inside us that we are strong and confident and can deal with anything that life throws at us. That is true empowerment”.  

After coaching hundreds of clients through one to one sessions of solution focused hypnotherapy she decided that online group programs would be a great way to work with a wider audience. 

Fully insured and registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy, CNHC and AfSFH. 


(Recurring payments will be taken 30 days thereafter)


“I went to see Sharon after experiencing anxious feelings (with it affecting my work life, relationship and eating very suddenly) and even in the initial consultation I left feeling much better. 

Sharon shares facts about the brain and studies with you around what you are experiencing, it's something I really look forward to as Sharon makes you feel comfortable, incredibly relaxed and teaches you ways to keep your feelings at a level 10 at all times so that you can finish your hypnotherapy prepared and happy!!

Hypnotherapy has been the best investment in my mental wellbeing and I'm at a point where I could stop seeing Sharon but i'm going back every few weeks as I now see it as a bit of "mental me-time".

“You gave me a light back in my life and I am forever grateful.”

“It was such a wonderful experience for me and Sharon is so lovely and experienced! I combined it with my own lifestyle changes and I feel this accelerated my results!”

“I am a completely different person now with a really positive outlook. Quite a difference from when I first saw you. I am now a 9.5 (out of 10) and feel so much more comfortable with myself, which was most of my battle!”

"I went to alleviate acute anxiety and panic attacks and this has magically transformed into changing the way I live my life”.

“Sharon’s always such a pleasure to visit and I always leave feeling refreshed and empowered”.

“Sharon will work with you to put plans in place at each session, so you have commitments and something to focus on achieving for your next session".

Q. Who is this Group Programme for? Anyone that needs a boost to their self-esteem and feels motivated and open minded to change. I work with men and women, young and old. 

Q. When does it all happen? This course will run on a Tuesday and all weekly calls will be between 7pm and 9pm each week. All calls will be recorded so if you need to miss one or two then it is easy to catch up. 

Q. How confidential is it? We work in small groups and have private conversations within that group.

Q. Do I have to be on Facebook? No. There is a Closed Facebook Group set up for each cohort of the course (i.e. September 2019) which can be used for discussion but most of the course is via webinars, workbooks, e-mail and telephone.

Q. What equipment do I need? A laptop or tablet.

Q. What Software do I need? I run my online business using Zoom. If you don’t already have it installed I will invite you to your first meeting on Zoom and it is super easy and literally takes minutes to download. 

Q. Do I have to speak online? No, I lead the webinars and participants comment via the instant messaging service on Zoom.

Q. Do I need to be seen online? No, you can choose whether or not to use your camera during the webinars. 

Q. What is your Cancellation Policy? A: There is a cooling-off period of 14 days after booking your spot on the program. After that full payment will required to paid. If you wish to cancel the WorryKnots membership at any time, please email me at

Q. What do I do if I have any further quesions? Please send me an email to and I will be glad to help. 

(Recurring payments will be taken 30 days thereafter)